Trying to figure out if this is a new driver/compatibility problem that others have noted. Using MSI Stealth Pro HDMI Out with GTX 1060 card to a plain ol 1080p consumer TV. Tried setting to CUDA and OpenCL in preferences and fiddling with hdmi output resolution, same results. Set RCX to use 10GB of my 16GB of RAM. Plays back and works fine sometimes for about 10 mins, then second screen freezes and winds up freezing RCX entirely, always when adjusting metadata or switching clips, never during playback. RCX works fine with built in laptop screen as well as on 2nd monitor without full screen mode. Laptop temperature seems fine, tried both a USBC drive and a Thunderbolt 2 drive with same results. Other apps including Adobe Suite have been working fine with TV as 2nd display. Am I doing something wrong here?