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    Have a barely used Gremsy H16 up for sale... Pretty much mint condition - used 4, or 5 times. Pretty much looks new except for a couple of scratches (pictured). Selling to finance the jump to Helium - everything is in perfect working order, just need the cash at the moment.

    This is a great gimbal, very light, extremely smooth, and the support from Gremsy is unrivaled. I have used the Movi M15 extensively, and would put the Gremsy up against it any day. For me, the benefit of the H16 is the handle mounted joystick - didn't think it would be a biggie at first, but it's great to have at your fingertips.

    Comes with everything that the H16 ships with, as well as SYNC.

    Total cost from Gremsy for H16 plus SYNC (current prices)


    Asking $2500 OBO plus shipping.
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