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    So...some folks in the Age of Idiocy decided that pipes for oil, the limited resource, among all the unlimited ones, had to go through the land of native people. Whose greatest treasures are in the Nature itself, the Land and the Spirits.
    Because those pipes would do well with some numbers on some accounts. That is what the mindsets of some saw as a priority.

    Luckily...some people had different priorities and joined the Natives, joining forces to say "FU" to Zombie pandemic screwing up the planet.

    Seems like little humans can make a difference after all. Best news for the holiday season. Giving glimps of hope for the Age of Reason. It even rhymes.

    Let's see when the bulb lights up for other things.

    Ancestors are watching.

    Bowing to the Spirit(s).

    Analog > Camera feel optimization
    Digital > Camera performance optimization


    "Como delfines en el fondo del oceano
    volamos por el universo incentivados por la esperanza"

    "L'esperanza", Sven Väth
    "It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards"
    Jung/ Carol
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    The most honest analysis I've seen so far:

    I don't have a strong opinion either way about the DAPL specifically.
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