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    I started working around the original RED One, then R1MX, bought my own Scarlet-X, upgraded to Epic-X, and now own a CF Dragon. I still absolutely love the Epic-X - such an organic, pleasing image. It never felt digital to me. I do like my 6K Dragon (especially the lighter CF brain!), but I still have nostalgia for the MX sensor. None of the post-Dragon cameras except the Monstro interest me as an owner - the higher resolution certainly isn't a draw, but the larger format of the Monstro is very appealing...

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    We have both an Epic MX and a Helium.
    MX is a brilliant camera, especially with its strong slow motion performance.
    Benefits I see with Helium is
    - much easier to grade naturally. MX could be difficult to grade with the correct colors.
    - Dynamic range means it is almost impossible to blow out highlights, while with MX this was always a trade off.
    - Much lighter
    - Less heat and fan problem

    On the downside, I shot more with 60fps these days, while I actually would like to be closer to 100fps or well even 200fps. Also harddrive space is even more of a challenge and even our 28 core workstation cannot playback in realtime 8k.
    I think these benefits are all great with Helium but MX is still a fantastic camera.

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