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    Just posting for a simple discussion. Does anyone still own an epic mx or is everybody except me making top dollar and has an epic-w now?
    I got the epic not too long ago (2 years?, and not even with the dragon sensor) It was a dream since 2011 when it came out, or even since Red One was still the leader in the digital cinema industry. But now it feels like so much new technology is coming up with a very fast rate, and personally i dont see the possibility to keep up with all this so fast. All the profit would have to go into the new investments if you want to keep up. So what is your opinion.. are the new cameras so much better that they have a huge advantage in the industry so that the ones who own a simple 5k epic will be (or are already) just forgotten? Just would like to see it from different perspectives
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    Epic Dragon owner here, so one stage above yours... but, I'm in a similar place.

    No point in chasing the tech anymore, I'm happy with the Epic Dragon & I'd rather have profits than a constant re-investment in tech.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to go to the newer tech & bodies...(I'm still using 1.8 SSD's!) but RED has grown into a different direction (for me) and has a wider range of products (things were simpler when I got my Stage4 Epic, LOL).

    If I had all my investment back now (as cash) to purchase again, I'd probably go for the cheaper models, as the re-engineering and tech rebuild of the whole line-up has changed the game a little.

    I'm now re-focusing on some internal projects (that I had to keep putting on the back burner), so I'm looking forward to using the Dragon on these. From my position, until I have these done, there'd be very little advantage in moving to other models.... time to let the content speak (rather than the camera).
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    Not sure what you mean. I still use the Red One... Its an awesome camera.
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    Having just seen a show I shot on a big screen, with thousands of people in the audience, and the Bcamera was an epic MX, and the A camera was an Epic Dragon, I couldn't tell the two apart. Granted I worked in the envelope that accommodated the MX, But thats not hard to do. I kind of wondered why I bothered to upgrade to dragon.

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    I just wrapped a feature with my EPIC and RED glass. Earlier this year I shot and edited a short film that was selected to compete for the $50,000 grand prize at the LA Film Prize. I sometimes toy with the idea of moving up, but can't justify the price/image ROI.
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    As a guy that rents out my camera, Dragon has served me well. Epic sounded great to folks and then Dragon became a catch phrase. I think they would like Weapon too but I'm sure my clientele won't pay such value. 8K sounds good to them moving forward (less the Epic-W branding but simply calling it 8K Epic as that's how they will know it).

    Technology wise, I'm not sure my clients would see the detail (MX or Dragon or Helium). They trust that it is an upgrade (not a side-grade) since they have their technical trust in me. 5K versus 8K is what is the main feature that they will understand. Most of my clients are artists and producers. The DPs and Tech geeks that handle the camera understand the difference. I doubt the general public would notice it...or perhaps think it's graded and post that way. Sometimes it is.
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    I own Epic Dragon and decided not to upgrade. I've been contemplating selling it because I mainly shoot 35mm these days but the offers I got were absolutely ridiculous so she's staying with me.

    As a digital tool your MX is still a very capable camera and will be for years to come. That's how I see my Dragon. We've got nice dynamic range, amazing resolution and ok colors.

    For me and my personal tastes, all of the high end digital cameras look similar - the magic happens in post. The next time I buy a digital camera, RED or other..the magic will have to happen during acquisition.
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    epic-mx here :)
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    Just looking at a bunch of 5K MX footage this past week for a job that had to be regraded.

    Blown away by how good that sensor is.

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    Epic-MX and R1-MX here i don't want to go the new camera route for a while, not until i master what I have... Sad??? Give it a chance you have all the gear or can get it cheap now. Some people had the R1 and let it go for the new camera but then wanted the R1 late. The Epic -MX is up to date, no more firmware upgrades so its fully complaints from me,happy shooting!
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