Am I missing something? Besides frame rates, minute data rate differences and body build materials, are there really no huge differences between the Weapon 8K and the Epic-W except price and the availability of an upgrade path (which I'm sure will change by NAB or sometime next year)? I know that back in the day, RED stated that the Scarlet was using the same MX sensor that was in the Epic but I felt that I could see significant differences in image quality between the two cameras. I am just wondering if the same goes for the Epic-W and the Weapon 8K using the same Helium sensor. Has anyone shot a side-by-side and noticed a difference? So far everything I've been seeing with the Epic-W looks pretty phenomenal.

Just asking before I go in debt for the next few years to try affording a Weapon 8K when I could just be getting an Epic-W. Thanks in advance for any advice or insight!