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    6 months later and I managed to understand all that Alex Carr wrote above and can share with you the sketch necessary to have a pot from motion dogs, an arduino leonardo & a Heden M26ve motor "working" together. This is a proof of concept design. It does what I want it to do, nothing more.

    That said, does anyone know anyone at Red that can help me to get the lens control data that is used on Canon systems and adapt it for the above system? I presume that the Red focus system has an image based, contrast pixel calculation.

    I also presume that the Brain then translates this to either position data or directly to PWM type voltages.
    I cannot find anything on the web for this and I cannot find data in the Red API. As I do not have a canon lens, I cannot check if the autofocus is blocked unless a canon lens is attached.
    Any thoughts would be most welcome
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    The reply from RED Dev is formal
    "We do not externalize any control or data from autofocus. Developing a control loop to somehow universally work with 3rd party external motor drives for PL lenses would be impractical. "

    That is the end of that ....
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    Indeed. Preston has developed their own system as well as C-Motion. They are not cheap and incredibly specialized.

    Thank you or sharing your work. It makes the world a better place.
    Hardware/Software Developer ( Hardware Controller for Array and Multiple Camera Control of ARRI / RED / SONY F65 / PHANTOM / VARICAM)
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    It is thanks your cryptic encouragement that I had my baptism in the wonderful world of Arduino. Thanks again
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