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    We have for sale an O'Connor 2560 head with 60L carbon fiber tripod ontop of a Ronford-Baker Standard Rolling Spider Base lightly used with the Alexia Mini (Alexia Mini not Included). We purchased it new in June from Abel Cine in Burbank. We are a fast growing company so we are upgrading to the Alexia Full-size camera and we will need a bigger head to support our new camera. We ordered this special since they don't stock them so it was considered a special order so no return is not allowed. We're selling this to help pay for the bigger head that we will need. Please feel free to ask any questions and if you're serious it is available to be seen in Hollywood area.

    We will not ship outside of US and we will only use our approved payment methods and buyer pays all associated costs i.e. bank fees, shipping fees etc. We would rather sell locally. Any payment method we use the funds have to be cleared before shipment.

    What is included,

    Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head
    60L tripod assembly, Mitchell C1255-0002

    Filmtools Mitchell to 150mm Ball Adaptor

    Ronford-Baker Standard Rolling Spider

    2575-137 12" Pan Handle with 30-degree bend
    2575-135 11.5" Pan Handle Extension
    08278 150mm Ball Base Adapter
    2575-120 Large European Quick Release with 120mm Plate
    08417 Tiedown

    More about the head from the O'Connor website

    Limited 1-Year Warranty (Extendable to 2-Year with Product Registration) from the date of purchase.

    Does not come with anything not listed above, tripod, camera, etc. Make sure you ask if you don't know.

    Key Features
    • Supports up to 66 pounds at 6" center of gravity above the platform
    • Magnesium frame and carbon fiber cover keeps weight under 18 lb
    • Cinema standard positioning of controls, including brakes and rosettes
    • Sinusoidal counterbalance system
    • Stepless pan and tilt fluid drag
    • 150mm ball base adapter with tiedowns
    • Euro-style quick release
    • Pan handle with pan handle extension

    The Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head Package from O'Connor is designed for use with the current crop of digital cinema cameras. Weighing less than 18 pounds, 2560 is capable of supporting camera payloads up to 66 pounds at a 6" center of gravity above the platform, making it well suited for cameras such as the ARRI Alexa in a portable configuration or any lightweight digital cinema camera in a full studio configuration. The head comes packaged a 150mm ball base adapter. It also comes with a large Euro-style quick release for rapid mounting and dismounting of large camera rigs, a pan handle, and a pan handle extension.
    Crafted for cine-style shooting, the head design delivers cinema standard positioning of controls, including brakes and rosettes, for easy and intuitive use. The 2560 fluid head also features O'Connor's patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for accurate balance at any point in the tilt range. In combination with the step-less, smooth pan and tilt fluid drag, the 2560 delivers control and stability for digital cinema shooters.

    More about the tripod from the O’Conner website

    Lighter weight and speedy with a heavy capacity
    The new OConnor 60L carbon fiber tripod offers a superior lightweight support option for the OConnor Ultimate 2065 and 2575D fluid heads. The tripod combines the benefits of new-age materials with precision engineering to provide a support system that is lighter weight with fast setup features, yet solid enough to carry large film camera configurations.
    The 60L weighs just 9 lbs (4.1 kg) and has a double extension design that is safe and stable carrying payloads of up to 209 lbs (95 kg), even at its maximum height of 60.6" (154 cm). Despite its generous height range it folds down to a mere 29.9" (76 cm).
    The smart quick clamping system includes visible tripod clamp lockdown and this is coupled with a pre-set mid-level spreader to ensure secure, easy deployment in every situation. Removable rubber feet expose spikes for optimal traction and payload safety on a variety of surfaces.
    OConnor's 60L is a lighter weight, speedy setup tripod with a Mitchell top or 150 mm bowl, making it the ideal choice for professional cinematographers who require a flexible shooting package for larger cameras.

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