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    Hi There !

    Just got a Red Dragon recently and thinking of changing computer.
    I'm on mac since 20 years and I guess, since I'm broken, I'm looking for ways to survive 6K so to change for a PC workstation.
    A friend is helping me on this one but not that specialized into video. And I'm lost when it comes to PC.

    We are looking for second hand computers and I have found this :

    Dual Xeon E5-2640 6 core 12 threads
    64Gb ram ddr3 registered
    NVS 315 1gb video card
    dell refurbished boxed
    windows 7 coa include, dell installation media also included
    front bezel included
    1 PSU, no hdd or caddy provided

    Here are the full specs of the computer :

    I'm willing to add a NVIDIA Quadro K5000 4GB GDDR5 PC.

    Simple questions if you know the topic I guess ...
    Do you guys think I will be ok to edit 6K files (8:1) on premiere in real time ?
    How would it manage After effect and Da Vinci and exports without a RRX ?
    Should I run window 7 or something else ?

    Well... all feedbacks will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks !
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    Nobody ?
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    Allright. Nevermind, I took the bet.

    Just for future enquieries, just in case, because there are very few reviews and informations on the www regarding this computer,
    this set up works like crazy for Dragon Footages.
    I work on Windows 10 with SAS 10K drive plugged in the front. System is on a SSD. I put cache files on a separated SAS 10K drive.
    I can edit dragon 5K in full resolution, 6K 1/2 res on Premiere.
    Exports are FAST !
    After effect is also running very very fast.
    I have not yet tested Resolve.

    I can give precise details if needed.

    After many inquieries, it's not possible to install a thunderbolt add on PCIe card on this motherboard.
    I'm struggling to install a USB3, but I will find a trick eventually.
    I have put on a FW400 (for my MOTU audio interface) and willing to put a e-sata PCIe card to unload the RED station.

    Considering it costs me less than 1400€, I think it's not bad and a good alternative if you guys are looking for a cheap second hand set up to edit Dragon files.

    Thanks !
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