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  1. #1 INTELLYTECH LED Fresnels? HMI or LED? 
    Hey guys, we're looking at getting into the HMI game but are leery about the price, power consumption, and overall age/functionality of the units we can afford (i.e. used 1.2k from eBay etc.). Enter LEDs!

    I'm not familiar enough with either technology to know which one is the right one for use, but it looks like LEDs are giving HMIs a run for their money.

    Is anyone familiar with these lights at all? Say's they are as bright as a 4K tungsten but they don't give any FC specs that I see.

    A used 1.2K HMI (10yrs+) are around $1,500 + shipping, so I'm really on the fence about which would give us more bang for the buck but also last for a while.

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    That website says, that at 50 degrees and 1 meter, the light cannon throws 22,465 lux (2087 fc).

    An Arri T1 does 17,000 lux (1579 fc) at full flood (53 degrees) and 1 meter.

    An Arri D12 1200w HMI will do 70,000 lux (6503 fc) at 1 meter with a spread of 50 degrees.

    This thing is definitely not coming anywhere close to a 1.2K HMI; it's just a bit brighter than a 1K tungsten fresnel by a third, maybe half a stop.
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    Thanks for the reply Aaron. Think I'm gonna have to go HMI then.
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    Yeah not many LEDs can compete with HMIs >400W yet. But be careful about used HMIs... Don't forget about bulb cost and availability among other things.
    Noah Yuan-Vogel |
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    What are some things I should look for or avoid in my quest Noah?
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