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  1. #1 First RED camera , using it properly ? 
    Hey guys

    I just acquired a RED camera for my personal projects , I've used a couple Canon cameras before but that's about it, I've been googling around for tips but the amount of information available is insane and I don't know where to start

    Do you guys know some good starting points to use the camera properly ?

    I took this picture tonight to try it out and shot some video at home too

    Thanks !

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    Phil Hollands Rules of Engagement if you like reading physical books, or Field Ops Guide if you prefer downloading digital content.
    Michael Tiemann, Chapel Hill NC

    "Dream so big you can share!"
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    .... and shoot the hell out of it shooting what YOU want to shoot!
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    Bravo hardisk. finaly !
    foolcat : HTML / PDF visual reports for OS X
    foolcontrol : RED camera control for OS X
    foolcontrol : RED camera control for iOS
    foolcontrol : RED camera control for Android staying hungry, staying foolish facebook instagram
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    If you can figure out an iPhone you've pretty much got the operating down. For properly exposing and all that read what people suggested above. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions, happy to help. It can be daunting at first but it's so easy, oh and congrats!
    Chad Lancaster
    ICON Motion Pictures

    The Southwest
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    Welcome to the world of RED!

    I humbly add this to the list.

    "Colors are the wounds of light."
    -William Blake
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    favorite threads for new users

    overal need to know things for newbies

    a MUST READ for new users.. blackshading is a must

    dont buy red if you cant afford insurance
    Tim Daust
    Reelmind Studios
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    @TimDaust @ReelmindStudios
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    Allright I've got to come clean sorry you guys are too adorable, this entire thread was meant as a joke

    I have a YouTube channel where I talk about cinematography and VFX to a young audience where I try to explain everything in a fun way (

    I took a dumb selfie with a RED during one of my latest video , I was showing off how easy it is to build a RED from the ground up with accessories and I took it for fun at the end of the video

    Then I figured I'll make a video where I post that same dumb picture to REDUser and read the comments on the thread, assuming most people here are professional directors and would go absolutely batshit crazy at some 20 year old taking a bathroom selfie with a RED

    Turns out you people are adorable and one of the best community on the Internet.

    I'll be damned

    Thanks y'all :D
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    I had a feeling someone was cheesin'. Welcome to the best camera community period.
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