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    I think you would get more for your money if you built it yourself. I would love recommendations on anyone that can build solid, set and post ready PCs, that are better than a HP Z840 for much less money. Failing that, refurb Z820s can be found on ebay. In UK there is LAMicro, who if you contact them offer HP and Dell workstations configured, which is what I did. But You would still probably need more like 2000 for that. Scan can help with parts. Don't underestimate disk speed. Highly recommend nvme PCIe cards for at the least cache.

    Self-build shops in UK? Even with, dare I say it, Hackintosh skills? For all those great mac only software and hardware companies (thanks guys, it's not 2010 anymore)
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    Hey, I also still shoot R1 MX, I'm a big fan of the sensor and grain structure and none of my clients really demand more.

    If you don't mind a big desktop with liberal power draw, I'd strongly recommend a 12-core 2010 Mac Pro. I bought mine for about 1200 this year, and it cuts through 4K footage at REDCode 42 and 36 no problem. Also, if it starts lagging, you can always pop an extra graphics card in, it has 4 PCIE slots.

    Much better than any iMac on the market, and at a better price.
    Luke Kokinos
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    Tristan: I am looking into that, I saw a few posted around the website. I might try building one myself (or rather get my dad to do it!). My dad was mentioning that he could get some bits and pieces free/cheap. Thank you so much for the recommendations!

    Luke: Thank you Luke, I am surprised all these old machines can handle it. I will defo have a look at that among the making my own.
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    I have been using the latest MacMini with i5 IntelCore which I picked up cheaply from the Apple Store. I am still using my external RR but dont really use it much. It is great config that i take to location in a ventilated pelican case which becomes my DIT station. I also use it for basic dailies edit.

    At home I use a Hackintosh, essentially a powerPC tower modded with PC motherboard parts.

    Any one a fan of Halt and Catch Fire?

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    We used original RR and original titan in an pci expander with a 2009 mac pro 2.8ghz dual 4 core what worked pretty good also because of its pci attached storage raid ... That worked good with adobe but as soon as you start dropping 5k shots and upwards into your timeline the original RR will stop working what doesnt make it a good choice for a new build - also if you already have a older workstation it might just do the trick for pretty cheap compared to the original price back than . I think a new build/investment should be as future proof as buying computer hardware can be. Also consider building the computer for your main application, e.g adobe cc works best on a high Ghz i7 cpu with 8 cores in the sweet spot and one gpu only but no sense for a dual xeon build. This changes if you plan to use programms like davinci that uses all cores and all gpus in a system.
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    Hi guys! Thanks for the replies! Mano, I cannot stand the MacMini, I worked with them for a project and quite literally wanted to quit! I wasn't even editing on 4K, just some regular HD stuff... The Hackintosh is looking like a cool option as well as Flo (among others) option's of an old Mac Pro!
    I agree with you Flo, a future proof option is a grand move! I have been looking at some people's recommendations for computer builds, I may take a few of them up!

    Thank you again guys!
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    Z840 or a I7 Pc update the ram to 16 or 32 GiG's updated Graphics card and you will need the old RED Card to help out with debayer. Use vegas pro, Davinci etc.
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    you can pick up the original red rocket cards for about $200 on ebay .. so as long as you can settle for realtime decoding? .. any machine that has a slot for one of those should be ok .. just make sure your system drive is an SSD and you're cooking on gas they say .. or at least .. its what I'm going to say.. easy ;)

    sure the original RR can't handle 5k .. but then neither can the red one ..
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