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  1. #1 I'm a RED Epic Dragon owner in Los Angeles 
    Hi everyone,

    I'm still fairly new to the RED game, it's been about a year, but I've only been on a handful of shoots. In that time frame I have shot with some "famous" Youtubers and even some legendary musical artists. I was going full steam ahead, but it's come to a stand still lately for some reason, but I don't like that, so I'd like to network with some of you and help out as I'm still learning the ropes, the lingo etc... I'd like to help you out with behind the scenes or even be a PA on set of a music video just so I can keep learning and become better. I'm easy to work with and would enjoy learning the craft. Again I'm still learning, not the best in the world, but I do enjoy this film world and my work has halted lately and I don't like stagnation so I'd like to help out and meet new people.
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    Where do you live buddy?

    Edit: duh it's in the title. I'm sure there are plenty of people who would take you up on that offer
    LOCAL 600

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