Hi everyone.

I am the inventor of the CineRangeFinder product.
It is a low cost alternative to the likes of the CineTape and other systems like it.

(3D Printed prototype)

We have been running a crowdfund for the past month and have reached our goal as well as introduced more options to our backers.

The main product is the CineRangeFinder standard.
This is an all in one unit that contains the sonor and dual displays (on both sides so you can stand anywhere around the camera).
It is able to range from 1 foot to ~25 feet.
There is a 1/4-20 mount on the bottom of the unit and has 3 buttons on top to access the simple menu system that allows you to;
-Change datum line offset +/- 99inchs/cm
-Change between Imperial and Metric
-Increase or decrease the display brightness
-Change Wireless channel
-Reset the device
It is powered via a 2 pin LEMO socket that can take 10-20v. D-Tap cable included.
Firmware can be upgraded via Micro USB socket.
There is wireless built into every unit allowing the use of a Remote.

This unit is 200

(3D Printed prototype)

The second option is the Remote.

This unit allows you to view the readout and access the menu system without being next to the camera.
The operation range is around 50m.
It has the same 1/4-20 thread on the rear of the case and same power input.

This unit is 100 and can be bought with the CineRangeFinder standard for 300.

(3D Printed prototype)

Our final option is the CineRangeFinder Pro.

This unit is the same spec as the standard but the sensor and brain are separate like the CineTape.
This allows for a much different setup and is better for gimbal operation.

The layout is just like the Remote unit but has an added LEMO socket on the bottom of the device for the sonar input.

We don't currently have the separate sonar unit designed but it is expected to be quite small.
The plan is over the next month we will invite all those who have backed the CRF Pro to share their thoughts on the design so we are able to refine it as much as we can.
The brain is the same as the remote.

It also includes wireless allowing you to add a Remote unit.

On its own the CRF Pro is 300, with the Remote it is 400.

We are currently in the final 24 hours of our IndieGoGo crowdfund so hurry if you want to get one.
Loads more info and photos are on our campaign page here;

We can potentially increase the time left on the campaign for a few days if there is enough interest.
But we are also taking direct orders via PayPal after the end of the campaign for a short time.

If you have any questions then please leave them below.
Will try to answer asap.