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    Dear redusers,

    first things first: I want you to know that I'm creating this post of my own accord and Brandon did not ask me to do this.

    Quite a few of you already know, that our fellow reduser Brandon Fowler [Hybrid Vigor] has been diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases including Multiple Sclerosis. Brandon is a lovely, nice and modest dude, who's not really comfortable asking for help - but to me the essence of reduser is giving and helping each other out. And now, that a fellow reduser is in real need, stepping up for him is not a question at all!

    So what is this about?
    Brandon has about 1 month to raise the money for an urgent stem cell treatment or he could face permanent disability!

    He's been fighting to get one of the largest group buys on this forum done while being in and out of the hospital. During one of his health attacks, he also began to lose his eyesight, which to me is one of the worst nightmares, a film maker can face. But even worse, his health is now rapidly declining and he needs urgent treatment or he could soon face permanent disability. He's been selling off his gear to pay for the treatment, but as you can imagine the bills he will face are enormous. So I wanted to start a fundraiser for him to aid in covering his medical care expenses. I contacted him and he told me about a fundraiser his father already started. So I went along and donated last week and am now trying to get more of us to join in. Every dollar counts!

    Brandon's condition & treatment

    I took the liberty of quoting some of Brandon's own words from our private communications and his statement from the youtube page. This should explain everything.

    Note Suwanchote, who is also on RU and in the Group Buy, filmed an interview with my dad (they happen to live near each other) [...]. My dad has the same type of disease and is totally paralyzed from the chest down because of it. It hit him 8 years ago. He is in really bad shape now. If he could have gotten this treatment back then he would still be walking today.

    Some of you know the health problems I have had the last few years and how much worse they have gotten recently.

    I have an opportunity to get a breakthrough stem cell treatment that will fix the autoimmune diseases I've been dealing with (multiple sclerosis, lupus, etc). Normally the waiting list is up to 3 years, but I was offered a cancellation because of how rapidly my health has been crashing.

    Unfortunately insurance does not cover this and the treatment will cost around $75,000 in all. I'm selling anything I can of value to help get the funds together for this, but will still come up well short of what is needed.

    My family has helped setup a fundraising campaign with the nonprofit HelpHOPELive to help raise the rest of the money.

    Here's the page:

    I really don't feel comfortable putting myself out there like this, but it's, realistically, my only shot to not end up in a wheelchair or worse. The stakes are real.

    My treatment date is September 6th, which means we have a month to raise the money. It can't be delayed. The video explains everything.

    Even if you can't make a donation, just spreading the word by sharing this video and post is a huge help.

    Thank you!

    Writer, Producer, Director
    Hybrid Vigor

    The Fundraiser

    The fundraiser is being done through an official charity, so it's 100% tax deductible and the charity pays the hospital doing his treatment directly. This helps make sure the money raised isn't taxed as income for Brandon.

    Brandon also set up a donation page with PayPal for those of you who prefer that:

    Please help our friend in need and go donate for his treatment. As I said before: every dollar counts.
    Thank you everybody so much for your help!

    Best, Patrick

    PS. Brandon, I hope you can forgive me for quoting you and posting your portrait. All the best of health and luck to you! I hope I can make a little bit of a difference.

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