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    I can playback 5k in full speed with our computer, but I find that scrubbing is extremely slow. If I will jump i the timeline it will often take 3 seconds for me to see a picture of the new position.

    Wouldnt it be an idea that when you are scrubbing to a time that does not have pictures cached in memory you drop the debayer to 1/4 or even 1/8. Because at 1/4 I can scrub pretty well in the timeline.

    Our setup i s
    - Dual Titan X
    - 2x14 2.6GHz core

    I find that in Davinci I can scrub much better. It seems to be dropping the quality as well.

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    +1 I was just thinking about this yesterday!

    I would also add, that it would be great to have a setting, similar to what's in PP or Resolve, where the footage plays back at a certain debayer quality, but when you pause, it jumps back to full debayer for that one frame you paused on.

    Both of these features would be really helpful!!!

    Marcus Ian Friedlander

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    also is there an easy way to stop the pre-fetching future frames. (for example if I am stepping frame to frame looking for my sharpest frame to export I am only caring about the last and next frame. Don't need to fetch the rest of the video and burn GPU cycles) Is there a way to make a button there under the video (kind of like a start pre-fetching and stop pre-fetching toggle)
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