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    Hello my fellow Red lovers. I'm posting to get your help or ideas.

    Myself along with 2 other film making friends have been planning a 4 week trip around the U.S. stopping at some of the National Parks since March. We are working on putting together a piece to celebrate the 100th year of the National Parks Service. This is completely just us doing it for the heck of it with some hopes of the NPS wanting to use it at some point. (We have reached out to them with no response yet) We have a few contracts with local businesses to sell our raw footage to them to help offset some of the costs, but the contract is for R3D files.

    Like many of you, we are still waiting on our Raven. When we originally started the trip planning back in March, we were told we would have our camera in the spring. When that didn't happen, we switched over to Drone Nerds and were told we would get it in July. Now we're nearly into August and Drone Nerds have told us they have no idea when we will get the camera. This is not me bashing Red, I completely understand everything that is going on, the simple fact is we are down to crunch time and need a camera.

    We are low on cash as all of our money is set aside to pay for the camera, however we need SOMETHING in order to honor our contracts stating R3D files. If any of you lucky souls who have received your Raven would be willing to rent for a month, shoot me a message and see if we can work something out. If anyone happens to be looking to sell their package already, we have cash in hand and can pay right away. Any other ideas as to how we can pull this off are very welcomed. We have discussed picking up an old Scarlet to use for the month and then selling, but that is not ideal as it isn't great for run and gun style shooting. We depart on September 7th and will return back on October 8th.

    Thanks guys!
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    Sent you a pm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeb B View Post
    Do you want to show a camera the National Park system or have the experience yourself with some documentation? With all the RED model introductions over the past year, the used market has taken a beating. Pick up a "like new" fully kitted RED for dirt cheap or any number of $10K cameras, of which there are many:
    and get the experience of a lifetime started!
    Wow, the C300 mk2 is now ranked #2 on "best sellers" above GH4 at #2!
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