I was thinking, the last issue of Film and Digital Times (June 2020) was all about the Arri Camera, of all the 220 pages (cover to cover), it was on Page 178 were the differences where finally reveal, after pages and pages of text. “Record ARRIRAW and ProRes at Native Resolution of LF Open Gate Sensor Mode: 4.5K”, yes 4.5K while the Red Komodo which is a 6 K Sensor and way more inexpensive, and currently under Graeme Nattress careful attention to tweak the camera (2 pounds, 4” by 4”) is way better in terms of resolution.

Now the sensor on the Red Komodo trends toward a Cinema Aspect Ratio, and the Arri trends toward the Old Television Aspect Ratio. The Red Komodo is the precursor to the new DSMC3 to come for all the Red Cameras in the near future. Just a thought on this beta version pending final release of the camera software.

Humberto Rivera