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  1. #1 Stock Footage Release form for artist and his art work 

    I'm shooting some stock footage of an artist painting and there will be some of his art work in the back ground.
    I have a model and locations release form. How do I go about getting a release from the rest of the artwork on the video?
    Does the location release covers everything in the location?

    Thanks for the help and If you think I need a artwork release form please tell me where I can get it!
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    At a guess I imagine you would have to word that accordingly within your location release, which at another guess is a release developed by you and your legal council? Or are you simply using standard release templates?
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    Thanks Marc!
    I'm using a template model release form and I think I found an artwork release form.
    If anyone know of good template artwork release form let me know!

    Here is what I found online!
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    You need a property release form for the artwork. Check Getty Images, they have a lot of resources and they are considered the standard.
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    Thanks Alberto, I will check Getty Images!
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    It matters what type of stock.

    If its used for editorial its much less demanding, as its a form of journalism.
    Where if its stock for commercial use, its a bit more complex.

    Example, the footage being used in a news segment or a documentary, compared to being used in a political campaign ad or a international tv commercial.
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    Thanks James,

    The footage will be use in a commercial environment.
    Do you know of any Artwork release form templates or should I use rocket lawyers or something similar?

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