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  1. #1 Vegas Shows Different RGB Curve than CINE-X / Premiere 
    Hi Guys,

    The enclosed screengrab says it all.

    For some reason Vegas shows luminance in an entirely different fashion than CINE X. I also tested Premiere which did show the same picture as CINE X so I'm assuming somehow Vegas is interpreting the footage in the wrong way. You can see the difference clearly also by comparing the scopes from CINE X and Vegas.

    A simple added curve in Vegas appears to be a workaround for the issue. But for obvious reasons this is far, far from ideal.

    Any ideas how to permanently solve this?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated as I've got to grade this picture in the upcoming month using this set-up along with Magic Bullet.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I often warn my post clients that you can't rely on internal scopes for accurate results. You're better off using external scopes, even something inexpensive like ScopeBox or Blackmagic UltraScope, to tell you what's really happening to the signal you're monitoring. And you have to monitor through a color-managed output, not through the operating system.
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    I would add be careful with HDMI scopes if you ever use them. I have a Tektronix HDMI WFM and it can do the wrong thing at times. ie assume PC range when video range. If the scope uses the EDID, then even more trouble. This is not usually an issue with HD-SDI. Of course this assume that the app in question sends the proper range. Good thing is a few simple test patterns will tell you everything you need to know.
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