So the answer to this seems inevitably 'yes' from the many threads I've read but I just wanted to clarify before I go on a 7-day shooting binge ... the conditions (temp) for the current loaded blackshade will determine what the camera strives towards as 'target temp', right? Which can inevitably lead to excessive fan noise if environmentally this is done in more ideal conditions than typical shooting conditions?

Following a recent firmware upgrade I ran a blackshade and have been noticing a lot more fan noise, but I'm thinking this might be due to the blackshade being run in a relatively cool indoors environment where ambient temp was more like 36c which has now set the camera to working towards that cooler temp in all shooting conditions .. is there some consensus that it'd be better to go a warmer base temp (say 40c) to run a blackshade so the camera has a more harmonious point to work towards?

Sorry if this is treading old water, the answer seems obvious but I'd love some clarification .. do you guys and gals set up multiple base blackshades at different core temps to load as req'd?