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    I finally received my DSMC2 EVF this past week, and I’d been trying to figure out the best way to mount it to my Weapon for handheld. After tinkering with the lemo adapter A, the DSMC2 EVF mount adaptor, and the DSMC2 EVF mounting plate, I think I finally came up with a good “now" solution while new accessories are being released every month. I just thought I’d share since there hasn’t been too much discussion about it.

    Keep the following in mind:
    • Although I won’t be using the cable-free capabilities on the weapon for a good number of my shoots, I definitely see the benefit for certain situations so I didn’t want to rule it out with a top plate that converted the pogos to lemos
    • It’s important for me to be able to go from a cabled solution for versatility to a cable-free solution with minimal steps in between/minimal tools
    • I’ve already purchased and I’m planning on using a Wooden Camera passive top plate, trigger handle, and 15mm tube clamp attached to the front of the top plate to complete this setup

    Accessories used:

    Let me know if you find it helpful or have any thoughts on a better setup.
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    I think that's a solid setup! Definitely on the right track. Can we see a picture of the camera on a shoulder so we can see how it sits?


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    Very slick solution. If you had the allen key on hand, you could probably jump between using the WC arm to cable less in under a minute.
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