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  1. #1 Color Calibrating the SmallHD 700 & 500 series 
    I recently received the SmallHD 702L and it's pretty nice for the price. Calibrating it though, seems to be a convoluted process to say the least.
    They have a checkbox called "Calibration LUT" that you're supposed to use to calibrate it but I'm reaching out to see if any of you might have some insight into how create this.

    Anybody have any tips?

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    You'll need a probe and measurement software to run grayscales and colors through the monitor, measure you baseline, then creat the difference LUT (calibration LUT). Load that in in there and things should be spot on. For reference, I use an X-Rite Eye1 Pro with Light Illusion CMS. The closer you get it to accurate with the monitors on-board adjustments, the better calibration LUT will turn out. If you don't have those tools, I've heard a number of people around the web are offering those services.
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    Hey Jay, I must've missed this response but I appreciate your insight. That's kind of what I figured would have to happen, don't own calibration device though. Can you refer me to any one you know who does this service?
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    The I1 Pro Display is only $280 just buy this and calibrate all your screens!
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