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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Sherrick View Post
    Peter Deming with rave reviews on the ASC instagram.
    He's terrific and I hope to meet him one day. I loved his work on Mulholland Drive. However... and this is not a criticism of him, but I have no idea why he is fond of the Alexa. I loved Twin Peaks The Return but it looked nowhere near as good as shows captured on film. I suppose I should be grateful that it wasn't shot on DSLRs.

    It's easy to make a digital camera look good if you can control all the lighting (just watch the BR 2049 trailer) but once you take the thing outside, forget it. If you're going to shoot digital on a syndicated production, at least shoot with up to date cameras like the RED Dragon. I mean, come on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Graeme Nattress View Post
    Good point on resolution Steve. I find it's a low resolution that leads to an electronic looking image because you have to enhance it so much to stop it always looking soft and out-of-focus. With a naturally high resolution image with real detail you don't need to enhance and hence you get a natural image. I remember the complaints directed at early HD were pointed at it having too much resolution, yet in reality we know the problem was that it never had enough....
    You would think that technically minded people (such as all of us here) would understand this simple point. Nobody ever criticised 4x5" sheet film because of its resolving power!
    Good production values may not be noticed. Bad production values will be.
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    I was happy to hear that Panavision is making a few DXLs with the Monster sensor... So many choices now for film productions
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