Thread: Need to buy a new matte box today! Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom or Tilta MB-T12

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  1. #1 Need to buy a new matte box today! Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom or Tilta MB-T12 
    Hello everyone,

    I need to get a 4X5.65 matte box today or tomorrow.

    I do mostly run and gun filming and I'm planing to use the camera on the kessler second shooter.

    I was about to buy the Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom but than I saw Tilta MB-T12 on ebay for $560.

    At the moment I don't use rotating filters and the filter I use the most is the 1.2 ND.

    Ebay link

    Are there there are any other matte box I should consider?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Senior Member Matthew Quinn's Avatar
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    deff worth a look. it can break down to a clamp on 1-2 stage or be a full 3 stage matte box.. seems pretty versitile
    LOCAL 600

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    Def'n love the wooden camera MB. Bright tangerine gets a lot of love around here as well, but it's more expensive.
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    I bought that tilta as a matte box for my b-camera. I couldn't be happier. Buy the tilta. It's really well made, it's basically a copy of the arri, and it can not be beat for the price point. I think the whole thing costs less than a set of arri hard mattes. You will not be dissapointed.

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    Thanks you very much for the help.

    All the options look great, I will have to think hard about this one!
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    Senior Member Drew Baird's Avatar
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    Tilta is a great budget option. I had one for a bit. It's heavy, and large, but it's still a durable pretty well built mattebox. I just bought the Brigt Tangerine Viv to replace the Tilta. It's much lighter, I can use it with wide angle lenses (as wide as 14mm would the some sets) which I couldn't do with the Tilta. I much prefer the bright tangerine. I will not need to buy a mattebox for a very long time. The dovetail to go from clamp on to studio setup in seconds is absolutely awesome. If you've got the money to spend the BT will be well worth it. Just my 2 cents.

    Edit: I didn't look at the link. That model Tilta looks decent for a clamp on. Definitely lighter than their larger 4 X 5.65 box. Swing away is a big deal for me, but if you're mostly using zooms it would be hard to beat that Tilta for the price.
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    Thank you very much for the great information Drew.

    I will read more Brigt Tangerine reviews!

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    If your in LA I have a VIV if you want to check one out in person or BT will be at cinegear next weekend
    Chad Lancaster
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    Thank you Chad!

    I'm in Maryland but thanks!

    Too bad the Bright Tangerine stopped the discounts.


    Quote Originally Posted by Chad Lancaster View Post
    If your in LA I have a VIV if you want to check one out in person or BT will be at cinegear next weekend
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