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    Hello everyone!

    I broke my Schneider ND and True-Cut IR 750 Filter this morning and I need to get new NDs today!.

    I'm looking at the Formatt Hitech but I'm not sure if I need to get the Firecrest or ProStop?

    I saw a review by Phill for the Epic Dragon but not much info about the MX.

    I was happy with the Schneider!

    Thanks for the quick help!

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    Firecrest no question. I have the pro stop too and there is no comparison.

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    Thank you very much! I will get the Firecrest!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gundu View Post
    Firecrest no question. I have the pro stop too and there is no comparison.
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    Get your hands on that group buy before it ends on the 1st
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    Firecrest, I was fortunate to have been involved in some independant testing and they are amazing. I have since purchased a few in all sizes, up to 1.8ND not a weeny bit of colour shift
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    Thank you everyone!
    I bought the Firecrest yesterday!
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    Senior Member Steve Sherrick's Avatar
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    I have not tested the Firecrest but since the OP mentioned MX sensor, that would indicate the older OLPFs and I'm curious about IR filtering. How much IR removal is being done in combination with the built in IR filtering on MX cameras?
    Steve Sherrick
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    Thanks everyone! I bought 2 Firecrest but now I need to get an screw in ND filter.
    I ordered the
    Formatt Hitech 77mm ProStop IRND 1.2 ( Resin ) but they refunded the money because it was discontinued .

    There is Formatt Hitech 77mm but it made of glass.

    Can you please recommend a good 77mm ND or variable ND filter!

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    Genustech Solar Eclipse. By far the best Vari-ND I've used for the money!
    Clint Childers

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