Hi im trying to do a livetype template in after effect that you can import and edit from inside premiere. The template should give you some textboxes that you can paste in questions in
from inside of premiere. Behind each question it should be a colored rectangle shapelayer that scales dependent on how much text you wrote. This is an image of what I want to do.

I have very limited knowlegde of expressions i after effect, so please bare with me. I found a good solution for the scaling of the rectangle behind the text.
But i run in to two problems. In after effect i need to put in an extra line for each textbox for the longer questions.
Otherwise the rectangle would not scale to inclued a seconde line inside of premiere.
Check this screenshot

But it works great like this with one exeption. When you leave a textbox empty cause you have less questions, there is still left a little square on the second line.
In this image i put in no text in questions four and you se that there is still an little square left there anyway.

I think the solution for this would be an expression on the opacity property of the rectangle that make the opacity 0 if there is no text input in question 4. But I dont know how to write that.

The second problem is when a question use two lines of text. Then the distance to the next questions under it gets to little. Its almost overlapping. I like to always keep 48pixels between the questions.
Like in the first link i posted.

To accomplish this I think its easiest to use nulls. Therefor i did like this

But I still need an expression on each null that tells if, the above question use two lines with text. It should move down in y axis 48 pixels.

If you have trouble following me along you can check out this after effect script.

Joel Arvidsson