Thread: Zeiss Milvus or Sigma Art primes?

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    I have used the 18-35 a ton. The 50 quite abit too. Really happy with them. I use Jacek s Optitron solution for focus and it works really well. Only annoying part is that the 18-35 locks up when opened all the way to 1.8.
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    I've shot with the Sigma 18-35mm and a Milvus Set 21mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm. In my opinion, the Sigma is a good lens for the budget and run and gun just like a Samyang/Rokinon. The Zeiss set just had the character in the image I was looking for and ease of functionality for my AC when we were shooting a music video. I like just love coating of Zeiss glass better honestly, that's just me.

    Sigmas have character too you just have to decide which kind of character you want out of the glass you shoot with. The whole oohs and aah over sharpness is overrated honestly, I'm not saying sharpness isn't important, but don't forget about how the lens captures light before it hits the sensor. Look at the Leica R's for example, those lenses are nowhere as sharp as a Sigma 18-35mm but you have cinematographers scavenging to get a decent set bc they love the character of the lenses.

    I own a old 28mm Sigma f2.8 Mini Wide II M42 Mount that to this day is sharp as hell and still shoot with for certain occasions bc it gives me a character that others don't.
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