Thread: DSMC2 RED TOUCH 4.7" LCD - is it worth it?

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    Wow, I'm definitely calling tomorrow then. Hopefully they can cancel the dropship and just move the order over the local pickup. Thanks for the info jordan! I'm also waiting on my 4.7" touch to be ready for pickup at red irvine
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saumene Mehrdady View Post
    Did you guys pick up your WC cables directly from WC in LA? I ordered online from BH and now facing a 7-14 biz day ship time
    Straight from WC, got it in 3 days. Michael @ WC said they have limited quantities right now because it's new, but never hurts to check with him. He also said they don't have any at the store since it's so new.
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    I have the 4.7" with the Helium and mainly shoot run and gun outdoors with Zeiss Milvus Primes. It's pretty tough to catch focus without an external monitor (that I can't have in a lightweight setup) . If I run AF lenses the focus assist is amazing and I don't have critical focus issues. The manual lenses struggle because of the small monitor size. Thinking of either switching to the 7", or getting an additional smallhd monitor and leave the 4.7" only for control of the camera. Just adding more footprint and weight either way...
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    i don't have a issue with it . turn on focus peaking if on the new ipp2 . with out it focousing is a mere hit or miss .you can also zoom and use hide menus will give you full screen with no black sides
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