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    Hi All- We are close to our cap of 35 bags. Will have more info for you all Friday on how to submit payment etc. Thanks again.Hi All-

    So I have arranged a group buy for a cinesaddle-style bag called the Filma Bag.

    I love my cinesaddle but have been looking for a cheaper replacement. I think this is the answer

    The bags are manufactured in Chile and made from Durable Cordura Fabric.

    These bags normally sell for $140 shipped to Los Angeles empty (no foam filler pellets).

    The pricing for this group buy is as follow:

    If we get an order of 25 or more bags, the pricing is
    $100 per bag shipped to LA.

    The bags ship empty but I have a supplier for the pellets in LA and am planning on buying a few bags of foam for those folks that pickup in LA. The pellets are a little less than 10 dollars to fill up a bag. The bags themselves will be shipped in bulk to Los Angeles and then repackaged and shipped from there for those not in LA.

    Currently color offerings are only Digi-Camo.

    Each bag requires 1.1 Cubic Feet of Pellets. You can also fill with the material of your choice but the recommended filler is Polystyrene Beads or Pellets.

    I am estimating the shipping will run around 10 bucks anywhere in the states because the bags ship empty and can be shipped in a simply tyvek bag. I suggest finding a foam supplier locally as the foam takes up a lot of volume and is expensive to ship. If not, I can point you to the LA supplier or work something else out. There is also an Amazon option for pellets.

    Please add your name to post if you are interested. I need 25 to make this happen. Also add your info to the following google form to make it easier for me. Thanks!

    Payment will be online either via Paypal or a better system if I can figure it out.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    These are ready to ship right now.
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    More images:

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    Is the desert digi-camo the only color it comes in? Would prefer it in black. But either way put me down for 1. :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristopher Colavecchio View Post
    Is the desert digi-camo the only color it comes in? Would prefer it in black. But either way put me down for 1. :)
    As of now it is only available in the digi-camo. If enough people want black I can try to work something out.
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    I'll take one!
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    Hey all-

    This group buy offer closes on friday 4/29!
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    Hello Benjamin,

    Thanks for organizing the group buy. Put me down for one. Thank you.
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    I'm in for a filled one for pickup in LA. Thanks, Adam
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    I'd be in for 1
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    Put me down for 1. Cheers Susan
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