Just thought I would give a little update since the April update thread from just a couple weeks ago is getting bogged and so much has happened since then.

Raven lines are heating up.. we shipped twice as many cameras this week as we did last. And that should double next week. Just as you see Scarlet-W numbers dramatically increasing now and getting out in record numbers as they enter their manufacturing groove, Raven is inching into the same momentum.

Normally NAB wipes us out all our teams for a good 2 months before and a month after as we scramble to make a bunch of shiny new things to show the world in our booth. This year you'll see a new monitor, a new module and a new battery and a few other little things from us, and that is it. A few months ago I promised you guys that we would use all our lines for manufacturing cameras instead of the distraction of making a bunch of new prototype things and we have lived up to that promise.. and that focus has been incredibly beneficial.

3rd parties also really help here.. as they work hard to bring you accessories more of our lines can be on the cameras. Our booth is all about them this year.

8K VV sensors are still a bitch to make... and are still rolling out in single digits. Just to give you another sense of that complexity, We can fab 300 8k sensors and only get 2 or 3 perfect ones we deem worthy of going into the bodies. The 8k train is slow.. it's the most insane sensor anyone has ever made but you can ask anyone that has theirs, it's worth the wait.

So thanks for your patience. See you in Vegas.