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    I would like to see Frame Averaging info in the Metadata - not sure if I am missing it somewhere, but this would be super helpful for identifying settings.
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    Prores 4444 or 4444XQ at 4k would be nice.

    improved file structure for ProRes to match R3D file structure for post and easy separation for shuttle drives.

    timecode and meta data on ProRes and DNxHD

    Also on the subject of ProRes, I don't if its a option but can ProRes or DNXhd shoot log only while the R3D has the look?

    how about a thunderbolt 3 REDmag reader?

    fix the adaptive preview quiet record, and quiet record option fan speed bug. adaptive is great finally, but 2 fan modes don't work at all.

    Also a short key function for wrap beers ;)
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    i would like a 8k sensor at some point
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Holland View Post
    Yes to option on LUTs being baked into ProRes.

    Need to know more information in regards to having ProRes in a separate folder. In some ways, this might not make sense. In other ways, yes, sure it does.
    For proxy editing, yes, for high qual files no.
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    Can we get that Low Power Indicator warning already? Something that you can customize by time and voltage? Full screen warning between takes when power is below xx voltage or xx amount of time left.
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    I'd love a prores only mode that is not slave to the fat32 4GB limit. On my current show, even though we deliver prores masters for other cameras, I still have to deliver r3d because combining multiple prores clips is too labour intensive for dailies for our post facility. Their dailies workflow finds it easier/faster to just create prores masters from r3d. Because of this I can't use Weapons full time. Is this theoretically possible to implement in a future update?
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    What I'd really love is a more configurable stills plus motion mode. I find Redcode 10:1 is a decent compromise between quality and runtime in most scenarios when I shoot motion, but it's not really good enough for pulling stills. It would be great if we could set up the camera to shoot 2 independent streams for stills and motion, with different parameters, at the same time. For example: 6K 25fps motion with 180 degree shutter at 10:1, plus single frame R3D stills at 1/200 shutter, 5fps, 2:1 compression.
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    Not sure if it's in this thread already but:

    1) The ability to solo individual audio channels

    2) A Canon ND Mount that dispenses with global/soft shutter and lets you dial out the ND entirely

    3) a 2x XLR with phantom module.
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    Again, 3D luts burned into prores (if selected), and ability to use open gate on evf only without affecting other outputs
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    I am a humble man and my needs are simple. I would love to be a able to delete individual clips from the minimag. I still can not believe this feature does not exist in the Red world.
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