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    The 5" RedTouch might now be a legacy product, but I still find it a useful size for my pre-Weapon needs. However, I have never been satisfied with the various mounting options out there. I have tried arms, NATO rail clamps, quick release locks and also just screwing it straight to my handle. And these might be completely acceptable for most users, but I thought another option had not been properly tested - mounting to a top-plate LWS clamp.

    So, a little bit of AutoCAD later and this is the first prototype that arrived in the mail today.

    It is machined from Aluminium 6061 and weighs 18g (0.6oz). It has two 1/4-20 threads for attaching to the RedTouch base and two 1/2-13 threads in the 15mm 'turrets' in case you wish to extend your LCD over a lens.

    I contoured it to the RedTouch base and it attaches by two 3/8" long screws. Of course, my plan is to get the final version black anodized.

    Since I already had a Wdn Cam clamp, I designed it to fit flush inside, but the depth can easily be modified in the design to cater for other setups.

    I have another LWS clamp on the monitor mount hanging off the rear of my Helix gimbal, so to move my RedTouch from studio-mode to gimbal-mode with a quick and solid mounting option is of particular interest to me.

    Thanks for your time. Criticisms, suggestions and feedback all welcome.
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    This is an interesting idea but seems a bit bulky. I too have never been satisfied with the monitor mount though. I would like to use a magic arm but am a bit gun shy. Last arm I had constantly came loose on set. I feel like magic arms should have two mounting points on each end. Otherwise they will always eventually go limp unless you reef them on.
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    The wooden camera nato clamp with two bolts on it is a nice option.
    Björn Benckert
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    Quote Originally Posted by Björn Benckert View Post
    The wooden camera nato clamp with two bolts on it is a nice option.
    I did use that for a while, but it meant I had to angle the RedTouch base to the horizontal. This pushed the LCD back over the camera eating into top-plate space and getting in the way of my handle. I looked all over for a NATO rail that was on its side (90deg) but couldn't find one that worked to my liking.
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