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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Carr View Post
    theres a bug in both adaptive quiet and also in quiet record modes. Use adaptive or manual only.
    Would be good to have a confirm about this. Is it a bug in the current firmware? Cause I can't shoot anything with sound right now.
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    I have had a Scarlet-W for quite a few months now. I have not used the Epic Dragon, but have used the just the regular Epic I am assuming the two are the same since the only difference that I know of is the sensor). My Scarlet-W is super quiet. Just F.Y.I. there are different modes such as "adaptive" so that you can leave the fan on/off while recording, continuous, etc. Note that if the body/sensor temperature gets too warm, even if you set it to stay quiet on a permanent basis, it will still kick on regardless to protect the camera. So if you are running it all day especially in warm environments, keep this in mind. But overall, with the new scratch audio speakers in the front (which sound AMAZINGLY good) I am happy with the design and how quiet it is. I have listened to the scratch audio in various conditions and you can't even hear it.
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    One thing I've done for long running (web streams) shots is crank up the fan temp setting to max, then black shade at that max temp . Even for multi hour records the fan hasn't kicked too loud. Fan isn't perfect, with such a small body that is one of the trade offs.
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    Has anyone definitively identified the adaptive quiet and quiet modes as having a bug in the latest firmware? I've noticed since updating soundies are complaining about the noise a lot more than previously.. and it does seem adaptive quiet and quiet modes are not as quiet as what i'd expect (based on running prior to the most recent 1-2 firmware updates). It's much colder here now in Melb than months ago when I never really noticed the fan so much (nor had complaints from sound dept).

    Any thoughts / experiences / suggestions from others appreciated..

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