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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulf Krentz View Post
    Bob, this is looking very tempting. How does it work? The zoom function is provided by the SmallHD? Connected via HDMI, SDI?
    Can you share some details? Thanks in advance!

    Yeah just through SDI or HDMI. The focus peaking on the SmallHD is very precise so I usually set it to 2. The SmallHD can magnify 2x or 4x and can pan around via joystick. This is great for while recording as you can't do this on the touch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Kilgroe View Post
    I'm confused here I guess... How would going to 2X or 4X pixel mapping help in any way?
    As an example, if your Red monitor is native 1920 pixels wide and you are shooting prores etc. also at 1920 pixels wide, then having
    a 2x and 4x zoom in will help you see better for focusing, much like a magnifying loupe used in a darkroom.
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    I will take my 7 inch monitor to CVS and try on different reading glasses until if find the perfect 7 inch Red glasses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Kilgroe View Post
    I'm confused here I guess... How would going to 2X or 4X pixel mapping help in any way? 1:1 is pretty much as accurate as you're going to see anything. Enlarging past that is just giving us a smaller crop of the image to inspect and not providing any more detail or information.

    How are the focus tools inaccurate? Do they not match up with your measurements and lens markings or is what is reported as being in focus not actually in focus?
    the original 5" inch at 1:1 pixels is a much larger image than 1:1 on the 7" screen. So it's much easier to see when you're in critical focus.
    This is especially prevalent when you're using a 35mm lens at something like F1.4 or f2, and focusing on something 20ft away. I suggest that you try it and you'll see immediately what I mean.

    The focus tools seem to be slightly out for me. The big square goes yellow when the focus isn't quite there.

    I can't run two monitors on a Ronin.
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    I run two when I need to follow focus. Mine is the TVLogic 5.6 which allows FA in Red. That makes all the difference to me. I'd ask for that on the 7" monitor - to enable the focus assist to be Red as well as White. If that were there I think I'd only use the second monitor for an AC.
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