Ladies and Gentlemen:

I must confess.

I have been working with Emmanuel Lubezki & Terrence Malick since November 0f 2007.

I could not speak about it until tonight, we just wrapped the bulk of my portion.

We have been shooting in Houston and mostly using the camera for night scenes.

It has been in a word, unbelievable.

The word genius comes to mind instantly when i think of these two generous, smart, patient, other worldly individuals, not to mention the camera op Joerg widmer, the 1st ac erik brown and the local camera crew from texas jeremy rodgers - 2nd, patrick coate - loader & chris todd - cam intern.

We (chivo & i) started testing in late october/ early november; first some subtle tests at a pre-light for one of his commercials and then a full blown test on the set of an amazing commercial shot in downey. from there film outs were done at efilm after some processing at plastercity.

then we did 5 more tests (spread out over 5 months), which i will get into at a later date if anyone cares, and then finally we started shooting for real this week here in houston.

the second night of shooting was epic.

bmw suv.

chivo in the passenger seat with red#0031, (using a very unique configuration, basically, the camera with focus motor and side handles, cf x 19mm rails, top handle) and everything else is in a backpack including the drive, aja hd10md3, deneke sync box, modulus 3000, arri umd, ifb and battery.

terrence is behind the driver with a 7.9 inch panny hardwired to et breakout and erik is behind chivo with the focus controls.

joerg and i are scrunched in the back back, i have extra drives, batteries, cables.

and here is the best....

sean penn is driving!!!!

now, think, you are 17 years old and you get to drive your daddy's sports car when he is out of town (think ferris bueller)....that was the experience, white knuckle seat of your pants racing through the streets during a traffic free weeknight, late at night...don't know what else to say about that. you should get the picture, i felt like i had done something illegal when we returned to base camp, not like we were breaking laws, but just the whole experience.

the rest of the week has been another surprise after surprise...i will write more but i have to continue downloading footage, we have an early call...

now, i must say that the majority of the film has been shot with 35mm cameras, (lots of 35mm film, an ungodly amount) everyone must know that the RED footage may not make it in the final cut, so don't quite buy your tickets yet.

but i will say to you all that tonight when i asked terrence if i could write about the experience, he was very happy to say to me that he has enjoyed the red camera and is pleased with the results.

i will try and keep up with the questions and comments, but know i am on this job for a few more days and will most likely not have time to chime in. i will provide a full debrief in the coming weeks.

hope you enjoyed my little story. wish me luck for the next 3 days!