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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Morrison View Post
    Id be very careful with lower budget batteries. We had one "short" last weekend, and it fried out Teradek and Flanders....

    We're now looking to upgrade, and invest in a higher tier brand.

    Not worth the headache...
    What exactly causes a battery to "short" and or fry out other electronics? I've been looking at these compact batteries from Came-TV.

    Price is good and the dimensions will fit on Raven (they are actually smaller than the switronix 82wh slims that I use) It says it has "Built in protection protects the battery from over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and over-temperature."

    Does that mean it will eliminate the chances of "shorts" and frying electronics?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Landoni View Post
    Has anyone tried the Power-U 150wh or 190wh batteries on DSMC2 yet?

    190wh (no sizing on link) -
    150wh (sizing is 162mm X 85mm X 50mm) -
    I have 1 Power-U 150 battery, very solid, works great on the i/O v-mount module, I also used it to power a monitor and LED's, all works prefect.
    Oron Cohen
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    Does anyone knows if a can charge this battery's Farseeing FD-BP160L
    with the RED BRICK CHARGER and if they fit to the DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander.
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    I've had good luck with the Dracast batteries - pretty affordable and reliable with a nice charger. I recently picked up an IndiPro micro-series kit. The batteries are compact and fit on the back of my Raven nicely. The charger is great too with good connectors.
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