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    Over the last couple of months there's been a fair amount of skunk works tests involving the RED Weapon 8K.

    For those of us destined for 8K, Lens Coverage has been a question mark and a head scratcher as the 8K FF Weapon sensor is considered VistaVision+ and a hair outside of the well known FF35 3:2 standard image circle.

    But the news is pretty good when it comes to...

    First up we're starting with Modern FF35 Lenses (meaning stuff that's built and sold today) as well as a few 65mm lenses that have played a role in recent camera tests.

    Some Notes and Thoughts
    - The focus initially is FF35 and 65mm glass, but S35 glass will be tested as well as some of the longer lenses in particular will cover.
    - Something to note, the 8K Weapon camera does use a new RED 8K PL Mount. The flocking and opening are larger.
    - Bare with me. There's a few decades and a few hundred lenses to test.
    - Coming soon? Leica-R, Canon EF Zooms, Olympus-OM, Contax Zeiss, Nikon, etc....
    - I'll keep this chart for the time being topping out around 200-ishmm. Pretty sure most 300mm primes will be fine.
    - For lenses like the Zeiss CP.2, Canon CN-E, and Rokinon their more "still minded" brothers have similar designs and coverage should be the same, but might not be.
    - For lenses on the edge of coverage, do remember we're a hair outside of the FF35 3:2 image circle and there's a great deal of copy variation particularly on still glass where some lenses might not cover.
    - You can expect all designed for FF35 lenses to approximately cover 7K FF and 7.5K HD as that's relatively safe.

    Here are the Maximum Image Circles for the 8K Weapon and certain relavent formats:

    Many thanks to Jarred, Brent, and Michael at RED as well as Matt from Duclos Lenses.

    There's a lot more work to do, but this is a great start. If you have lenses you need coverage tested on let me know. I have or have access to a great deal of what needs to be tested.
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    Data Sheets and Notes:
    Red Weapon/DSMC2
    Red Dragon
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    Amazing! Thank you!
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    This is a fantastic start, Phil. As always, thanks for all you do and your invaluable contributions to our knowledge base!!
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    Damn yeah! Much love to Phil, Matt and the RED team.. great to see this info in advance to make some smart choices on lens acquisition for the future. Well done.

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    please add any and all Nikon glass - 14-400 primes and zooms

    thank you
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    Hi Phil,
    Could you also test the Ruby 14-24mm lens.
    Thank you.
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    You Rock Phil!

    Thanks for the time you take to do all this tests!!

    And really looking forward to those OTUS tests... Which I'm confident we'll cover, but like to be sure... :)
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    Thanks Phil, bummed to hear the 15-30 compact zoom isn't covering at the wide end cleanly. They've been touting it off that it does. I can bring a set of summicron-c to test if you need those.
    Chad Lancaster
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    Thanks for the tests Phil! CP-2 coverage makes me VERY optimistic about Contax coverage as well!
    Nick Morrison
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    Great work Phil!

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