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  1. #1 15 minute shots on REDCODE 28 no QT? 
    Just shot a bunch of long shots (15min roll) in Redcode 28 4K 2/1 at 23.98Fps using Build 15.

    the resulting files on the mag were recorded as multiple red code files up to two gigs then changed files in continuous running. Is this normal?

    Some of the files had qt proxy and some didn't. no settings were changed from shot to shot. Even though single camera runs generated multiple files, proxys were not recorded for some of the files and the adjoining file's proxys did not cover the ones without proxies either.

    Can someone with RED or someone knowledgeable get back to us on this? we are needless to say a bit confused,
    and our client is not all that happy either.

    TJ Williams
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    RED1, 4K Sony HD (HDCam) Panasonic HD
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    Takes will segment over 2GB; however all the tools should be smart enough to load the whole shot regardless of which segment you load, if you don't move them around. There should be one set of quicktimes for each clip, not for each segment.
    Cail Young
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