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Can you speak more about the framerates on the commercials you've shot ?

On the small budget commercials i've shot or worked on , slow motion was usually just inserts or pack shots , unless the story happened to need a certain slow mo shot

Are you saying that a lot of the high end stuff shoots entirely undercranked and conforms to whatever the deliverable is going to be?

We shoot 50fps 360 shutter for most commercials (25p mastering) as that gives us a better possibility to retime in post. Simply cinespeed and other motion estimate timewarp features have twice the chance to create a good result if needed.
The costs and data rate is no difference, if we don´t shoot with in-between frames / 50p we crank the bitrate to max anyway. And the NLE´s works fine with having everything speeded X2.

What would be nice is to shoot 8k 66.666fps to get to do the same as the above but with 33.333 slomo. If its up to me pretty much everything looks better shot 33.333 than played back in 25p and that little retime also work for sound capture and dialog, if done right people dont only look and act cooler in that little slomotion and they also get much more comfortable voices. But thats my taste I guess.