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    We have supported lots of 3D, VR and specialty multi-camera array (stitching, plates, etc.) over the years - so we have a solid foundation of the challenges and needs for these types of shoots.

    So, since we are part of RED's 3rd Party Weapon Module program - one project we have been developing is what we call the "OMOD ARRAY Module & System for Weapon"

    It's a very low profile module that attaches to the Weapon and has one single connector for a single cable - that pass all signals in addition to power and tethered R3D RAW to an "array brain" - that unifies control, sync, genlock, TC, etc. etc.

    This allows for clean, simple, small set ups like multi-camera arrays in helicopters, etc.

    If you are planning to support VR, 3D and/or multi camera array jobs on Weapon later this year - please email me (mark (at) - we are looking for few different folks that wanna go under NDA and play with us on testing and deployment - starting in late October - we want to provide it as a rental item this year until we can get specs and design perfect - and then sell the modules and system.

    It's pretty bad ass - "array brain" is small and can connect to 5 Weapons with OMOD ARRAY Modules - and you can daisy-chain "array brains" together for more than 5 cameras - for bullet time stuff, etc.

    We are not going to show anything publicly at all until it's done and dusted and rockin' - but we want a few serious folks - who shoot array jobs - to help us vet the system behind the scenes. If that is you - reach out. Thx!!
    Mark L. Pederson

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