I am a Finnish director and DP
My Scarlet package is for rent for 200$/Day and 600$/Week. Fully insured, so no insurance needed! You can also hire me as an operator/DP for 600$ per day (includes camera package). Check out my reel @ www.no-office.co
I am highly experienced as a DP and director in music videos, commercials, short films and corporate films.

Scarlet (RED) package includes:
Scarlet camera body with Canon EF-lens mount
DSMC Side handle
RED 5" touchscreen LCD
Grid Optical Loupe for RED Pro 5.0 touch screen
2 RED mag cards + reader
4x Red Volt batteries + 2 Red Volt travel chargers
V-Mount Battery plate (APU-IDX Battery Plate)
Redstation SSD Reader with USB 3.0 and Firewire 800
x easy plate, 15mm Adapter Bushing, LW 15mm Bracke, Easy Riser

Also for rent Rokinon Cine Primes 14mm and 24mm plus Samyang 35mm (same lense as rokinon) plus Tiffens Black Pro Mist 1/4, Glitter and Smoque 2 filters for 50$ more

Hannu Aukia
Director /DP