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  1. #1 Epic W, first frame summing test and northern lights 
    Have not been trying out the frame summing feature before, and now I tried it out with the helium sensor.
    Not very bright Northern Light.

    Have attached a jpg.

    Did this just for fun and check what was possible with this feature. Tried to black shade it properly for the exposure, still some sensor pattern noise.
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    Whats the settings for summing and transcoding?
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    The settings, if I remember correct was: 1frame pr 2 secs, 360 shutter and red code 2:1 in stills mode. I am not very familiar with this feature and have to test more to understand what I am really doing in camera. Iso in camera was 3200 did not change that in post.

    Exported just a Tiff snapshot and made some few adjustments in PS and then saved for web as jpg with the maximum quality settings and optimised.
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