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    Andreas, not related to Weapon at all.
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    Ok cool, thanks Brent.
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    Is there any information on the 1:1 magnify lag? It's a little thing but if there's little to no lag on 1:1 that'd be huge. Takes a few seconds on Epic / Dragon round trip to punch in and check critical focus, would be a nice addition to have it close to instant.
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    Hi Phil,

    You are a legend! This coverage chart is so useful!

    What are your thoughts about 8K Weapon and 2:1 anamorphic format? I guess we could now get a perfect full 4:3 mode like the alexa etc? I'm new to anamorphic but since my lenses arrived this morning, I'm a quick learner and I know I want my f35mm even wider!

    Cheers for everything you do on this forum Phil.

    Craig Lees
    ED UK
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