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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy White View Post
    Do the Bebob batteries show charge/power on the Epic Dragon?
    dont know about that but sure they have come up very bright idea on Dtap
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    Any updates on these shipping? I know Weapons aren't shipping yet, but it would be nice to already have this in hand when the weapon arrives.
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    On June 24th ET told me "early August".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jarred Land View Post
    Hey Jordan don't worry you are now getting both. And yes... Every single product you just mentioned there people have inserted P-taps in backwards and blown up in quite often fantastic displays of smoke and fire. Even worse its a 3 way compounding danger.. even if you make the best solid metal port on the camera side and put a fuse in and ground the world, just one cheap cable or one cheap accessory in the path down the line throws all that protection out the window.

    Which of course is user error. And we all mistakes. But you would be incredibly shocked at the number of people who blow shit up and then proceed to call RED and try and convince us to fix their busted 3rd party stuff like it was our fault. Or when they do it on set and it brings down the entire production they point to our camera and then go hide on the roof.

    But lets see how it goes... maybe the world has learned. I know the quality of the P-tap ports on pro devices is alot better now than it was 10 years ago so lets give it a chance.
    Just for clarity's sake... ET isn't considered 3rd party.... right?

    EDIT: A 2 1/2 party then?

    NEW EDIT: I'm going with 2nd party.
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    Is the DC input on the Weapon the same as that on the Epic Dragon?
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