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    Hi all,

    My Supersphere team has been prepping the past week for a VR shoot at Mandalay Bay tonight for DirecTV. But the shoot is just where it starts. This is being wrapped into a fully immersive app experience. Delivering a VR shoot is a known quantity, and my crews are really good at it. We shoot and deliver stitched dailies within 24 hours along with the means to view those dailies. Then, editorial, VFX, audio, delivery...

    The real win is delivering a compelling overall experience, complete with ad-tech and social integration, delivering the ultimate fan package.

    The event - - BKB at Mandalay Bay.

    We are using two rigs - one GoPro and one Dragon rig to record the event. Rig was designed and built at Keslow this past week by Brook Willard and Alex Henning of Magnopus, along with Greg Luntzel as AC.

    In addition, we are using a first-of-its-kind tetrahedral microphone from Audeze. The team there is *way* ahead of everyone else in terms of how they are thinking about 360 audio, and I am proud to be collaborating with them and the first team in the world to be using this technology.

    A few pictures for everyone... Main event starts in 2 hours...


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