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    An awesome day - 3D VR shoot at United (Ocean Way) Recording with the award-winning group Naya Zamaana​. Recorded with 4x Binaural mics, this will be the highest resolution and audio fidelity VR experience ever done. A lot of new ground broken today.

    6x RED Dragons in a 3D + 2D configuration with quad-binaural audio.

    This also follows a real production workflow - not a one-off project or test.

    From load-in to full setup and ready to roll was under 2 hours. That is with the Dragons, an engineering cart with full monitoring and automated stereo rig control, and the quad binaural setup.

    Stitched dailies for Oculus viewing and editorial will be ready on Monday. After editorial, conform + grade in a realtime Oculus Rift grading session. The ability to record quad-binaural will enable us build an accurate sound field for Oculus Rift and GearVR. So, ProTools mix with tetrahedral audio and deliver stems to finishing for encoding to Rift, Cardboard, and GearVR delivery.

    VR is here to stay and we're not screwing around... ; )

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    Great Lucas!

    I started recently getting to know more abou VR and 360 capture, its very interesting and your setup looks amazing!

    I have collaborated with a good friend on some of my films and he used the ladybug, and on those occasions we always talk abou a RED set up!

    thanks for sharing!

    Would love to know more about the final product!
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    >>VR is here to stay and we're not screwing around... ; )
    +1, people who were saying that VR and 3D will fail are similar to the ones who were saying the digital cameras will fail when they first came.
    If 3DVR in it's infancy is so breath taking imagine what will happen in 20 years!
    Although this is absolutely awesome the big change will come when yjos technology becomes so advanced and so cheap that you'll be able to have comparable systems as small as as few gopros that can even be loaded to a drone etc and the masses can access it easily.
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    Im so glad to see this.
    Shooting VR with Dragons has been the most daunting task I've ever tried. 9 Dragons for 3D gets extremely crazy.

    At this for a year now with my very very amazing friend shooting for the NFL's Dallas Cowboys, Floyd Mayweather Jr, NBA, Racing gear, Linkin Park, and more.

    Im so glad that this is picking up some traction.

    The Data we blow threw in an hour are numbers I've never experienced before.

    VR is the NEW
    AR is the NEXT
    So combining the 2 with the Hybrid in high resolution, latitude, compact size and ability of the Dragons is a stunning future.

    DRAGONS Value has gone up its truly amazing.
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    If this is the future of videography... well, I'm out of the business. I just can't see myself doing this without a ton of money and a very large crew.
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    Shoot ended yesterday night. With ReplicantSW, we are now done with 2TB+ of backups. By end of day tomorrow, we will start receiving fully stitched media for editorial. And yesterday, we went from A to B - Load-in to running takes - in 2 hours. It is a real production workflow on approved, line-item budgets.
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