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    Hi all,

    Long time since I've posted on RedUser, and my path since then has gone all sorts of interesting places. One of those places is firmly embedded in the VR world. I thought the collective would like seeing these rigs.

    This setup is being used for 3 upcoming VR shoots for big-name clients. And the production/post pipeline just works. Shoot and deliver - to Oculus Rift DKI or DKII, Samsung GearVR, Google Cardboard, and others.

    Stay tuned... ; )


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    Senior Member Patrick Tresch's Avatar
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    Welcome back Mr. Wilson! Thanks for sharing again.

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    Senior Member Luke Neumann's Avatar
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    That is really awesome. Would love to see some of this stuff when it lands.
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    Senior Member Tony Mac's Avatar
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    Which wide lenses have you found work best? Or which do you prefer? The canon 8-15mm fisheye? I might have a VR job coming up and was probably just going to go with the Canon fisheye.
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    Senior Member Jarek Zabczynski's Avatar
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    Thems be some weird rigs.
    Shoot for the Impossible...Then do it.

    Jarek Zabczynski
    Director / Editor / Cinematographer

    Weapon 8K | | WE'LL BE ALRIGHT (Music Video) | BAJO EL SOL (Music Video)
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    Lucas, So great to hear what you have been up to....I knew you would surface sooner than later...Great rigs but here is the future!
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    Ha! Hey Peter... I was actually pulled into that conversation with a different adult entertainment company. I just... well... it was a bad idea on *so* many levels. : )
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    I assume though that this VR is in 2D only and not stereo.
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    No. It's Stereo.
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    Senior Member Nick Morrison's Avatar
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    Wow...amazing look into the future! Thanks for sharing!!
    Nick Morrison
    Founder, Director & Lead Creative
    // SMALL GIANT //
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