Thread: Red owners meet at Broadcast Asia, Singapore June 17-20

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    Quote Originally Posted by REDHKSC View Post
    ASIA is leading by CHINESEs though ...

    AM I Correct as I am a 2nd Generation CHINESE in HKG ?

    HKG/Macau - CHINA
    in the whole CHINESE world on earth.
    Asia is leading by INDIANS. Get your facts rights.
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    Quote Originally Posted by C.J.Harvaraj View Post
    Asia is leading by INDIANS. Get your facts rights.
    My Soul in Music Arts is Indian Music Arts - Mr.Ravi Shankar

    I remembered I watched the Bangledesh concert 1971 ( George Harrision ( RIP ) and Ravi Shankar ) co-help some others from sufferrings of .......
    when I was a little kid and now I am 43.

    I like Indian Food as well.

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