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    Sorry, guys. I just saw your messages! I've been buried in work with the Frames, Mats, and the wireless Remote for the controller. About to unleash all this stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pultz View Post
    I paid for a pre-order of lights and a controller what seems like 2-3 years ago. I have signed up for the web site, what happens next? Do we have a credit to buy things at a discount or does our original order still apply? Sorry I have not had time to keep up with this monster thread!
    I've still got some orders to import into the site. There are upgrade options for mats and power supplies coming fast. I'm almost done working out all the details. Whether you want to upgrade or not is entirely up to you. Everything goes out once the controllers start to ship.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Doherty View Post
    Hey Brandon,

    Just wanted to make sure I didn't get lost in the chaos. I entered all of my information into the new website. When you get a chance, please confirm receipt.

    All confirmed, Daniel. I'll get your order imported today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pierre de Wurstemberger View Post
    Hi Brandon,

    I don't see any updates yet on the website, anyway is it possible to have more information about the controller ? Video or else ? Manual maybe ?
    I've seen some videos on the thread but it's so long it could be nice to group them up.
    Is there a facebook page for Koraled ?

    I'll send you an invite to the Facebook group, Pierre. Just sent you a friend request.

    We are very close to starting production on the controllers. Next week I should have a firm date for you guys.
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    Hey Brandon, any way I can get an invite to the FB page? Pleeeeeeaaasssee.
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    yeah, me too!! ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Logan LeBlanc View Post
    Hey Brandon, any way I can get an invite to the FB page? Pleeeeeeaaasssee.
    Send me an message or add me on Facebook and I'll add you to the group

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    Can someone please add me to the Facebook group!? My user name is:

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    I don't do facebook.
    All i would really like (and have asked for earlier) is for my orders to be imported. And shipped as soon as possible when available.

    Social media isn't for everyone, but Reduser is for everyone who owns or uses a red camera. (at least i hope that is what the name means).
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    Where exactly are we with the controllers?? Please and thank you!
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    Controller Update

    We have pre-sold 921 controllers.

    That includes the ones I paid for as part of the $17,000 loan I took with PayPal over a year ago to keep this going.

    The MOQ for the first batch is 1,000 units.

    Once we sell 79 more controllers and I can make the final payment then we are a go and I will have the controllers in hand ready to ship in 3 weeks.

    It took a long time to get these right. We went back to the drawing board and started over 6 times during development. It was well worth it though because the finished controllers far exceed our original spec and are rock solid.

    They have been tested on set so long that an indie feature film that primarily used our Group Buy lights and prototype controllers premieres at a festival next week. There's also a big Hollywood film that used the lights for one set, but I'm still sworn to secrecy on that :)

    There is still nothing on the market like these at any price...

    The most powerful and versatile flicker-free LED light controller on the market. Ideally suited for film/video use. Works with all types of LED strip lights.

    • Input: 12-24V DC
    • Rating: 10A x 4 channels, 40.5A Max
    • Flicker-free up to 200+ fps
    • Solaris Ctrl+ controllers work with single color, variable/hybrid, RGB, RGBW, RGBA, or IR strips. Basically, everything.
    • Built-in Wireless: WiFi (iOS/Android) and RF control. With our upcoming app, you'll be able to link multiple controllers, create a virtual light board, program light effects, and much more!
    • Low-Mode: Fine tune the brightness at low light levels.
    • Single Channel Control: Adjust the brightness for up to 4 light sources with a single controller (via WiFi/RF).
    • Universal compatibility: Unlike other controllers/dimmers which try limit you to using only their own strips, Solaris Ctrl+ controllers have no such limitations. You can use them with whatever you want.
    • Rock solid and built to last.
    • There is nothing on the market better at any price.

    This is your last chance to grab one of these for $149. Once this production run starts the price doubles.

    Here's feedback from our first beta tester:

    Here are some pictures of the lights and controllers in use:

    Oh, and we have an RF remote for the controllers coming, too:

    It gives you single channel control, 100 ft range, the ability to link multiple controllers to one remote for massive sources, etc.

    There's a ton of other stuff in the works, but I have to get these controllers in your hands first. We are literally standing and staring at the finish line :)

    This really is the last call. I would love to get this wrapped up by Monday. If you want to grab one of the last controllers reply here, PM me, email me, or write me on Facebook.

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    From what I understand here is that we have to wait for 79 more sales before production starts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Hazlett View Post
    From what I understand here is that we have to wait for 79 more sales before production starts?
    Correct, but 76 now. Just sold 3 more.
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